Automotive Content Creator

Marcella de Bie is a reputable and esteemed content creator within the Automotive Industry. Lending her talent and expertise to presenting and creating reviews for high class and prestigious brands such as Porsche, Maserati and Volvo but with a view of the future with Polestar and Tesla. Her vehicle content doesn’t just consist of cars, Marcella has worked with brands such as Etergo for in-city commuting which helps the environment. Giving out honest and consistent reviews on her YouTube channel, Marcella has created her series of “Car Experiences” for her tens of thousands of followers to feel what it’s like to drive, live with and assess these high-performance and luxury cars. Following on from this, her passion with cars has reached extents to being asked to be part of the world-famous Mille Miglia in Italy in 2019, an experience that she will never forget.

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